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Digital Radiology

We are equipped with the latest in digital radiology equipment. Digital x-ray radiology is a very useful tool for diagnosing and monitoring your pet's medical conditions. X-rays are useful in examining your pet's bones, organs, abdomen, chest and oral cavity. When your pet is injured or sick, it is important to get a fast and accurate diagnosis. Digital x-ray produces images in seconds and does not require waiting for films to be developed to get a high-resolution image of your pet. Challenging cases can be emailed directly to the specialist for further interpretation.

Digital Dental Radiology

Dental x-ray is an essential tool to diagnose oral cavity diseases. By utilizing dental x-ray images, your veterinarian is able to take a closer look at the entire dental condition of your pet. We use dental x-ray to see underneath the gumline, to take pictures of the roots, to take a closer look at the teeth and to diagnose and determine a treatment plan for your pet. Dental x-ray provides further view of the bone and root structure of your pet's oral cavity.


Ultrasound technology utilizes sound waves to obtain images of an animal's internal organs. Diagnostic ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless examination that often requires little or no sedation. Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to look inside your pet in real time. Ultrasound is also used for attaining biopsies to provide a much clearer picture of the structure and function of an organ and/or mass, without invasive exploratory surgery.


Our clinic is equipped with in-house blood machines, enabling us to collect and test blood samples on site with results in as little as 30 minutes. This allows us to treat our patients quickly in case of an emergency and/or severe medical distress, when time is of the essence. When more extensive testing is needed, we work directly with several laboratories and send samples out for analysis. In addition to processing blood work on site, our laboratory is also equipped with a microscope that allows our Registered Veterinary Technicians to analyze samples for the Veterinarians for fast and efficient diagnosis. Some of these samples include blood and urine, ear swabs, skin swabs and scrapings, and samples from your pets lumps and bumps.

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