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Orthopedic Case Studies

Limb Deformity Correction on a Basset Hound

Lulu is a Basset Hound who was brought in through Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario with a severe limb deformity.

Based on measurements from orthogonal views and CT scan images, a corrective osteotomy was planned.

Using a cranial lateral approach for the distal ulnar osteotomy, a centreface ESF pin SK was placed in the distal radius along the anatomical axis of the articular surface. Then an osteotomy 3 cm proximal to the articular surface and a closing wedge osteotomy were performed. A 7 hole T locking 3.5mm plate was placed.  Rotational and axial alignment were achieved and a bone graft was placed in the radial segment. Type II B ESF SK with carbon fiber rods were placed.

Good alignment and reduction achievement were confirmed by radiograph.
Plan to keep ESF in place until radiographic union.

Lulu returned to full function.

Limb Deformity Pre-Op Limb Deformity Immediately Post-Op Limb Deformity 8 Weeks Post-Op Limb Deformity 8 Weeks Post-Op Limb Deformity 8 Weeks Post-Op Limb Deformity 8 Weeks Post-Op

Fracture Repair using the I-Loc Intramedullary Fixator

Our patient was admitted to the hospital with a severe midshaft communited tibial fracture of the right hind leg. Dr. John used a BioMedtrix I-Loc Intramedullary Fixator to repair the fracture. The procedure utilizes contemporary trends in elastic fixation, the I-Loc Nail has a novel hour glass shape for increased elastic motion which has proven to significantly lessen fracture healing time concurrently reducing post-operative complications.

Dr. John used a medial approach, with the I-LOC interlocking nail system, and placed a 6 mm X 160 mm nail and locking bolts proximally and distally to the fracture.

For more information about the I-Loc IM Fixator, please visit BioMedtrix.

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