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What does dental disease feel like?

A cat with heavy tartar accumulation having dentistry performed One problem that we consistently run into in veterinary medicine is that it is difficult for us to really get inside our pet’s heads and find out what they are feeling. We often joke that if they could talk, our animal companions would just say “feed me” or “pet me” or “throw the ball again” over and over, and I am quite sure that we would hear- “I love you” at least once in a while. This month is all about teeth, so what would our pets say about their mouths
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What a vet can learn from his own dog

Welcome to our new blog. It is a new year, we have a new website and we thought that we would keep going with the new theme by adding a bi-weekly journal of things that we find interesting, informative or topical. This is a place for you to learn a bit more about Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital and what is going on inside the doors. The theme for January and February is animal dentistry, and we thought we would start off with a personal experience from Dr Rob. Thanks for reading. Kajun- Dr Rob’s 13 year old mixed-breed dog, at
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