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Nutritional Management of Feline Urinary Symptoms

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a term used to describe any disorder affecting the urinary bladder or urethra of cats and is a very common reason for hospital visits of our feline pets here at Caledon Mountain. The presenting complaint is very commonly inappropriate urination. A few considerations will be made when you bring your feline friend to us: Have there been any environmental changes in the house (ie. New family member, new pet, new furniture, renovations) Any discomfort trying to urinate, vocalization, frequent trips to the litter box. How many litter boxes are accessible to the cat. Once
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Martin-The cat who inappropriately urinates

Martin is such a lovable and playful cat with his quirky meow.  He can be so funny sometimes but he has baggage! He will sometimes pee in places other than his litter box.  His reasons for peeing can’t be blamed on a bladder infection or a diet.  The reality is that he doesn’t like little kids who are loud and run around.  It stresses him out! Environmental stress for cats is a real thing in feline medicine. Growing up with pets and now being in the veterinary profession, I never experienced this until I had a family of my own.
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