Your pet just had surgery and they have been put on restricted activity. How can you keep them occupied and entertained during this time without allowing them to run and jump? These five suggestions may not work for every pet, but trying different types of modified activities may help you find the right activity for your best friend. 

  1. Trick training!: Training your dog with treats or a clicker to do stationary tricks such as touching a specific object can help keep their mind busy. There are great books and videos available to walk you through different tricks.
  2. The cup game!: Grab 2 or 3 cups and your pets favourite treat. Place the treat under one of the cups in front of your pet and switch them around, and then encourage your pet to try and find the treat. This is a simple activity that can be done while your pet is sitting or laying down, requires very little movement, and is a great way to get them thinking!
  3. Activity puzzles: The Nina Ottosson Collection products are available on amazon and offer a wide variety of puzzle games for pets of different ages and sizes. These puzzles encourage brain activity while your pet searches for hidden treats, moves blocks, pushes pieces and turns discs to solve the puzzle!
  4. Kong products: Kong’s are a great stimulating, stationary activity that your pet will love! You can fill them with your dog’s favourite canned dog food or treat such as peanut butter, or you can stuff a bunch of cookies in it and make them work to get them out. Putting the Kong in the freezer for a few hours helps extend the time it takes your dog to finish their treat.
  5. REHAB!: If your pet had an orthopedic procedure, one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians would have reviewed some at home rehab activities with you. Rehab is a great way to spend time with your pet while helping them regain their range of motion and build back strength. Just remember to follow the timeline provided. Check out our YouTube channel for videos on how to do your pets at home rehab exercises.
Shih Tzu getting rehab after PatLux surgery

But what about the cone of shame, does my pet really have to wear it? Unfortunately, the short answer is yes. You can take off your pets cone when you are present and able to closely watch your pet to ensure they are do not lick or scratch at the incision site. When you aren’t around or if they start to bother with thier incision it is time to put the cone back on. Remember, it’s for their own good and the less they bother their incision, the faster it will heal, and the sooner they can get the cone off for good!

While these are all great ways to keep your pet entertained, it is important to remember not to overdo it! Ensure your pet is still getting plenty of rest and that their movements are restricted so that they have time to heal.

-Kristen, Client Care Representative