How do I remove a tick from my dog?

During the warmer months it is inevitable that we will start to see more and more of our patients coming in to see us with ticks that need to be removed. As veterinary professionals, we always tell owners that it is important to remove ticks as soon as you see them, whether they are found [...]

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What if my pet needs vet care during COVID-19?

We are living in a time when there is much uncertainty in our lives. This is stressful for everyone and means that we often don’t know what to expect in our day-to-day routine. What happens then when the added stress of a pet emergency arises during the current pandemic? The good news is that [...]

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5 Tips to Help Entertain Your Pet After Surgery

  Your pet just had surgery and they have been put on restricted activity. How can you keep them occupied and entertained during this time without allowing them to run and jump? These five suggestions may not work for every pet, but trying different types of modified activities may help you find the right activity […]

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Are Halloween treats safe for my pet?

  Halloween is an exciting time for children, adults and pets alike! Kids come home all dressed up with bags overflowing with candy, and oftentimes they want nothing more than to share it all with their best friend, the dog. However, Halloween candy can make your pet very sick. Listed below are a few common […]

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Bringing Home Baby

  You’re headed home from the hospital with your baby, when you suddenly feel this pang of anxiety about introducing your baby to your dog. Will they get along? Will your dog accept the baby as part of the family?   Will your dog be jealous of the new addition? These are all valid feelings […]

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Are E-Cigarettes Harmful to my pets?

  In recent years, E-Cigarettes and vapes have become very popular options when it comes to trying to quit smoking cigarettes. One of the bonuses of these products are the flavours! Peach, vanilla, cheesecake, and so many more! While these are great for humans who are trying to quit smoking, they can make things dangerous […]

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Help! My dog got quill’d now what?

  Imagine hiking on your favourite trail with your dog off leash, and you see your beloved pet investigating something, he or she lets out a big yelp and comes running back to you covered in porcupine quills. What do you do? If you search the internet many people suggest trying to pull them out […]

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Grain free diets – Are they breaking hearts?

  There has been a lot of recent discussion in the veterinary community on the topic of grain free diets and heart disease. To help get to the bottom of the problem, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) did an overview of concerning reports that veterinary cardiologists were seeing a rise in […]

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