What to expect

Before your pet’s dental cleaning, we need to perform a pre-anesthetic exam and bloodwork to make sure they’re healthy. Your pet will first meet with one of our experienced Registered Veterinary Technicians, then be taken to our treatment area for their pre-exam. Following sedation, your pet will receive an IV catheter so that we can administer fluids, antibiotics, and medications. We’ll proceed to clean your pet’s teeth above and below the gum line using hand and ultrasonic scaling instruments and check each tooth for fractures, lesions, pockets in the gums and other issues.

Once we’ve recorded our findings, we’ll take dental radiographs of your pet’s mouth to look for problems below the gum line. If we find a tooth that needs to be extracted, we’ll freeze the nerves and perform dental surgery. Once the entire tooth has been extracted, we will suture the gums back into place.