Helpful Veterinary Links

We enjoy helping pet families in any way we can here in Caledon Village, and sometimes the best thing we can offer is a list of trusted links to help you get the answers or assistance you need. If you have any questions about the links included here, please let us know.

Helpful Veterinary Links in Caledon Village: Cat wearing glasses using computer mouse

Pet Poison Helpline – A 24-hour animal poison control service that allows you to consult with an expert about your pet’s potential health emergency.

Pets Above Memorial Services – A family-owned pet crematory that helps you memorialize your pet and say goodbye with dignity.

Cat Healthy – A valuable resource for clinics and cat owners to promote proper feline care and better understanding of feline behaviours.

The Farley Foundation – A non-profit organization established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association that subsidizes the cost of essential care for pets in need.

Ohio State Indoor Cat Initiative – Provides cat owners with important information about keeping their indoor cats secure, happy, and active in their homes.