How-To Videos in Caledon Village: Cat wearing 3D glasses holding popcorn and soda-pop

How-To Videos for Pet Owners

Not sure how to measure out your pet’s food? Need help giving your pet insulin injections? Here we’ve included a variety of how-to videos to help you manage your pet’s at-home care routines. We’ll show you the best way to brush your pet’s teeth, clean their ears, remove ticks and more.

General Health Info & How-To’s

How To: Remove Ticks & What to do after removal

How To: Clean Your Pets Ears

Tooth Brushing & Dental Health Options

The Importance of Proper Food Measurement

Diabetes Information

Diabetic Food Choices

Benefits of At Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

Giving Insulin Injections to Your Pet

Using AlphaTrak 2 Glucometer

Calibrating the AlphaTrak 2 Glucometer