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Why Do Most Pets Have Spay and Neuter Surgery?

Spay and neuter surgery is a common procedure that the majority of pets are recommended to undergo, but have you considered why this is the case? If you have a puppy or kitten, you may be anticipating when to schedule for the procedure or you may be wondering about its necessity. Other than the obvious benefit of preventing a female pet from having unplanned pregnancies, spay and neuter surgery offers a number of benefits for male and female pets as well as pet populations at large.

Controlling Animal Overpopulation

The sad truth about animal overpopulation is that there are more pets in shelters than there are homes for them. Responsibly spaying or neutering a pet before they have a chance to breed makes an indirect, yet large, impact on controlling animal overpopulation. Furthermore, some of the behaviors that unaltered pets are prone to may be controlled with spay and neuter surgery. In turn, pets may be less likely to be given up due to behavioral concerns. According to a study done by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), problematic behaviors are cited as the most common reason for pets being rehomed.

So What Are The Behavioral Benefits?

Some of the hormones that drive male and female pets to procreate also drive them to engage in disruptive behavior. When a male pet is neutered or a female pet is spayed, he or she will be more content focusing on you. Plus, they are less likely to leave home making them less likely to become lost or injured.

Behavioral benefits from spay and neuter surgery include the following:

  • Male and female pets are less likely to roam looking for a mate
  • Female cats do not go through a heat cycle that leaves them yowling and uneasy
  • Female dogs are free from messy heat cycles
  • Male pets are less prone to inappropriate mounting behavior
  • Male pets are less prone to aggressive or unruly behavior
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Last But Not Least: The Medical Benefits

Since spay and neuter surgery drastically reduces the number of sex hormones cats and dogs are capable of producing, medical conditions they contribute to are also reduced or eliminated.

Female pets enjoy the following medical benefits:

  • Mammary gland tumors are considerably less likely
  • The chance for ovarian cancer is eliminated
  • Unplanned pregnancies are eliminated

Male pets enjoy the following medical benefits:

  • The chance for testicular cancer is eliminated
  • Prostate problems are considerably less likely

If you have any questions about spay and neuter surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to guiding you on all aspects of your pet’s health. Puppies and kittens should see us in their first few months of life for a comprehensive examination. Then, we will recommend when you should have them spayed or neutered. Contact us today!